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Could we record our dreams ? By Jules Lafont

Par LISE LEFEBVRE, publié le jeudi 5 avril 2018 14:39 - Mis à jour le jeudi 5 avril 2018 14:39
Scientists are asking themselves lots of questions about dreams. They want to know, how we dream , why we dream , what a dream is and what we dream about?That's the subject of the video I chose : Could we record our dreams ?

I chose this video because we dream in average 6 years in our lives, and lots of people like me, forget their dreams very quickly, and it's kind of frustrating, and maybe the dream is very important like in psychology or something else.


To understand the dream you've got to know that an active brain makes brain waves like a radio makes radio waves. Those waves are called electromagnetics radiations, they carry informations.


So with a scanner called MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), scientists can understand which parts of a brain are active when a subject does a particular thing.

Then scientists carried out experiences on subjects who are in a MRI and are watching an image, letter, color, … Scientists analysed which parts are active for a precise image, and made patterns corresponding to a precise image. With many patterns they can with just a scan of a brain know what the subject is thinking.


And they did that for a subject asleep in the MRI, and a computer created a film of the dream the man was maybe having. Then scientists quickly woke up the subject to know exactly what he was really dreaming, and they compared.


Conclusion : the computer made lots of mistake when we compare to the version of the subject, but maybe in the future we will be in capacity to record our dreams !