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Par admin bagatelle, publié le mercredi 6 novembre 2013 09:18 - Mis à jour le mercredi 6 novembre 2013 09:19
Welcome !
Anna Roudebush is our new English assistant this year. A few students met her last week and wanted to share their first impressions with you all. 
“Anna comes from the USA. She lives in the state of Wisconsin. She's 22 and has a 19-year-old brother.She likes dancing and pets. She speaks French, Spanish, Italian and English! She loves France and French cities (Toulouse and Bordeaux) because the streets are a lot smaller. Anna is in the south for the first time”. 
Alexis Roussel et Olivier Amades. BTS AG 1ère année
“She is so lucky to travel in Europe and and she has already been to the Caribbean Islands!
She likes walking barefoot in the streets, in the USA of course! She likes pets just like me.”
Estelle Lecat. BTS AG 1ère année
“We met Anna, an American student. I was surprised.when she said she likes walking barefoot. In the USA, the streets have a lot of green spaces to walk barefoot. Anna is a pretty and kind woman. I'm happy I met her.”
Nicolas Riera. BTS AG 1ère année
“I found amazing that her boyfriend lives in Toulouse. I love detective TV series like her. Psych is her favourite. We also have the same hobby: dancing!”
Jeanne Aguirre. BTS AG 1ère année
“I felt happy to meet Anna and was happy to ask questions to an American woman and know her point of view. I just have one regret: I didn't see her do country dancing. I was amazed to see so young a  person who can teach so many languages. Thanks for bringing your happiness in our classroom!”
Pierre Blieux. 1ère 9
“We are very lucky because she is very friendly and outgoing! She said French people looked at her in a weird way when she said “Hi!” to them in the street although she didn't know them. She thinks French people are not very outgoing and I totally agree with her. Anyway we enjoyed talking to her! We hope  to see her again soon!”
Kelly Boitelet 1ère9
Here she is with a group of students (TL option LVA)
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